“Investment in knowledge yields the greatest profit”

Syngramma offers integrated support and tutoring services for each graduate degree in your subject area. We provide personalized coverage of your thesis needs, whether it is a literature review or a combination of literature review and quantitative or qualitative research.

The preparation of a good undergraduate thesis forms the basis for the subsequent academic career of each student or postgraduate student. Each successful thesis is based on an extensive bibliography, ​​such as books, journal publications, academic articles, studies, research, etc. In some cases, the thesis also involves conducting qualitative or quantitative research. During the preparation of the thesis, the responsible professor  makes the necessary comments which are then used to make corrections for the final delivery of the thesis. At Syngramma, we work according to the directions of each undergraduate and postgraduate assignment through constant communication with the student.

Some of the services that will be provided to us at competitive prices are:

  • Chapter-by-chapter process
  • Continuous communication and updating
  • Preparation of the research proposal
  • Literature review
  • Collection of reference material
  • Development of theoretical basis
  • Conduction of research (quantitative or qualitative research if needed)
  • Harvard and APA referencing systems

We do not encourage plagiarism.

At Syngramma we make sure that the thesis is original, personalized and tailored to your needs and requirements.

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